Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Older TVs & Apple TV: How to Make Them Work

I have been on a quest to find the optimal older television iPad streaming solution. In previous posts I reviewed my tests with the Apple VGA Cable and the Apple Composite AV Connector. Both solutions work, but each has its own pros and cons, with a significant disadvantage that your iPad has to be cabled to the TV while watching.

Apple TV would have been ideal: wireless video mirroring and streaming. But every review and spec sheet I came across said the same thing: Apple TV requires an HDMI connection. Obviously my old Sony Trinitron with its RCA Composite AV connections did not talk HDMI - it seems I was stuck with my cobbled together solutions.

But recently I stumbled across a comment in one of the Apple forums that changed everything:  HDMI to AV converters exist! True, Apple TV outputs HDMI, but if I could turn around and convert that signal back to RCA AV and feed it into my TV, I might be able to get Apple TV to work with my ancient Sony. It was worth a try.

Here's what I needed:
The setup is as follows:

Apple TV 
HDMI Cable 
HDMI to AV Converter
RCA Composite AV Cables (L/R Audio, Video)
Sony TV (RCA AV connections - white, red, yellow)==>

Apple TV works with my ancient Sony Trinitron given this setup! I've been using it for a couple months and am totally spoiled with Apple TV and wireless streaming from my iPad. Owners of older TVs take heart - you need not wait for a new HDTV to enjoy the benefits of Apple TV!

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