Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Getting iOS 7: Step-by-Step

Apple's new iOS 7 was released today, bringing with it a slick, new interface for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  Like to update?  Curious if your device is eligible?  Here's the step-by-step procedure with screen images.

1. In the Settings app, tap on General and then Software Update

2. If your iOS device is eligible for iOS 7 you'll see the above screen.  Tap Download and Install.

3. Legalese for you

4. You'll need to Agree to continue

5. It's a big update (900MB) so you might want to plug in

6. Downloading...takes a while.

7. Done!  Now some initial configuration screens (all in white -- you feel like you're in the clouds!)

8. Tap Continue to keep going
9. Tap Enable Location Services so some apps can detect your location

10. Enter your Apple ID password to complete setting up iCloud

11. Notifying you of your iMessage and FaceTime current settings

12. FYI about the new Find My iPad capabilities

13. You are done - welcome to iOS 7!

Finally...back Home at last!  With a new look!!!

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