Sunday, May 12, 2013

Screen capture on your iOS device

You can capture the current screen image on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - from any app, at any time.  The image of your screen becomes a photo and can be shared like any other photo. 

Screen captured image from The Hunger Games
Why do a screen capture?

I have a Wi-Fi-only iPod Touch and iPad. Many apps don't function well without an Internet connection, so a screen capture gives me the information I need when I'm off-line. I frequently will screen capture street maps of places I'm going and Yelp reviews of possible restaurants, so I can refer to it even though I'm off-line.

Here are some other possible uses for screen capture:
  • Capture a temporary web event, e.g. a receipt for a purchase
  • Use to illustrate a step-by-step procedure
  • Images from streaming video, movies, TV shows, online games
How to screen capture

Capturing the screen on your iOS device is actually quite easy:
  1. Press and hold the Home button
  2. Then, while continuing to hold the home button, quickly press and release the power button
You'll know right away if you've captured the screen image, because the screen will flash on/off and you'll hear the sound of a photo being taken (if your sounds areturned on). 

Like any picture you've taken, you can find the image in the Photos app in your Camera Roll photo album.

 Screen Capture Common Problems/Solutions
You may run into a few problems at the until you get the hang of coordinating the two actions.

Problem #1: you get sent to your Home screen.
  • Reason: You pressed the home button, but did not hold it in long enough. So the iOS device treated it as simply pressing the home button.
  • Solution: Hold in the Home button until you have pressed/released the power button.
Problem #2: you turn off your iOS device.
  • Reason: you pressed and held the power button too long.
  • Solution:  While holding the Home button in, make sure you quickly press and release the power button.
Problem #3: Siri comes up and asks what you want
  • Reason: You held the home button too long before tapping the power button, which brings up Siri.
  • Solution: Hold in the Home button and then immediately press the power button.

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