Friday, April 12, 2013

Choose the Email Account a Reply is From

If you have set up multiple email accounts on your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) you may have a need to trade-off between these accounts.  Luckily, the Mail App lets you change which email account you use for your replies and forwards.  Take an incoming email from your Gmail account and reply to it with your Yahoo account, etc.  This a simple, useful trick.

Settings App showing multiple email accounts

Here's how to swap email accounts on your replies

Like normal, select an email and choose to reply or forward.  Note the Mail App has the Cc/Bcc/From combined in one line.  Tap the Cc/Bcc/From once to split them into separate lines.

Tap once on the now–separated From line – it will pop up a list of your email accounts.  I will tap on my Yahoo account to choose it as the source of this reply.

My reply will now be sent from my Yahoo account, even though the incoming email was in my Gmail account.  If you keep copies of sent mail, you can find your reply in your Yahoo Email Sent folder.

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