Sunday, March 10, 2013

Setting Up Multiple E-Mail Accounts on your iPad

Many people over the years have accumulated more than one email account. Wouldn't it be nice to  get all your email on your iPad?  Or perhaps you have one iPad shared by two or more people, and each of you needs to get their email using the iPad (a common vacation convenience).

 Here are step-by-step instructions for adding additional email accounts to your iPad or other iOS device.  It's easy to both add and remove extra email accounts!

 Adding an Email Account to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Email

 1. Tap your home button and locate your Settings icon.  Tap it to view Settings.

 2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  Note on the right under Accounts your current Email account is listed.
3. Tap "Add Account..." as in the red square above

 4. Select the email service of the account you want to add.  I need to add a Yahoo email.

 5. Here I enter my Yahoo email ID, password and the name on the account (usually your name)

 6. I left these defaults and tapped Save in the upper right.

 7. Switch back to your email inbox.  Tap "Mailboxes" in the upper left.

 8. Now I have a Yahoo email account listed in addition to my Gmail.
I can either:
  •  Choose All Inboxes to see mail from all email accounts together in the Inbox
  • Choose either Gmail or Yahoo email to only see one email account in the Inbox at a time.  You would choose this option e.g. if you are a couple sharing an iPad and only want to see your email.

 9. I choose Yahoo email in #8 above.  When I go to the Inbox, it shows just email from that Yahoo account.

Removing an Email Account

 Removing an extra account is easy.
1. Tap the Home button and then Settings

 2.  Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Note on the right under Accounts all of your current Email accounts are listed.
3. Select the email account to be removed.

4. Click Delete Account

One final tip: in the Mail app, you can receive email in one account and send from another account.  Simply tap and briefly hold on the From: address.  Up will pop a list of your connected email accounts.  Then choose which email account your reply will come from.  For details, see choosing which email account you reply from.

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