Sunday, March 17, 2013

Connect to a New WiFi Network

Away from home? Need help to connect to the Internet with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch?  These instructions will help you connect to another WiFi network, guiding you step-by-step.
You'll need two things:
  • The network name to connect to
  • The network password
Once you have these connection details it is time to get connected!

 1. Tap on Settings

 2. Select WiFi in Settings.  It will show the current network you are connected to (or Not Connected).  On the right, you'll see a list of WiFi Networks. 

 If you are connected, a checkmark will show to the left of that Network. Here I'm connected to the Book Corner-named network.

For iPhone or iPod Touch, the WiFi Setting screens appear like this. The first screen shows the WiFi network you are connected to (if any).  Tap on the WiFi selection (if iPhone/iPod Touch).


 For iPhone/iPod Touch, after tapping on WiFi, you then see this WiFi Network screen. This iPhone or iPod Touch is connected to the BookCorner network.


Now I have moved out of range of my network. Notice to the right of WiFi (upper left) it now says "Not Connected". Also, in the list of networks on the right, no network has a checkmark next to it, indicating none are connected. 

3. Tap on the WiFi Network Name  you want to connect to.  I will tap on the "On the Go MiFi DE58 Secure" Network. This is the network of the place I am visiting that I have been given a password for.

You will see an Enter Password screen after tapping on the WiFi Network Name. Again, no free lunch: you need to know the password to join the network.

4. Enter the password for the Network and select Join.
It may take a little while to connect, just be patient. Finally, you will return to the WiFi screen, and hopefully see a checkmark next to the network you have joined. This means you now have Internet again!  (if not, reenter your password at the password screen. Usually the cause of the failed connection is a mistyped password.)

5. I like to test things out when I join a new network. Try something that uses the Internet and make sure it works.  Here I fired up Yelp, which requires the Internet, and I can see it's working okay.

Back home now. The cool thing: as the message on the screen says, when you return to a network you've used before, your iPad (or iPhone  / iPod Touch) remembers and will connect you automatically. You walk in the door, and the iPad knows it's home and connects you!  Here we can see Book Corner home network is back online without me having to do anything.

So if you have hesitated taking your iOS device on the road, feel free now to bring it with you.  Just follow these steps to connect to the Internet wherever you have WiFi connectivity!


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